Or Would You Like To Take A Shot At It?

The West End Journal has been plugging along for two years now, slowly building a readership both on this website and through our popular Facebook page. It’s been pretty much a one-man-band for editor and publisher Kevin Dale McKeown (see who the heck he is here) and it’s time to expand our reach and resources to include more voices and points of view.

What is a “community journalist”? It’s pretty simple really. Someone who lives or works in a community and writes about or documents through photographer or videography its events and activities.

Taking part in events at the West End Community Centre, photographing celebrations at Gordon Neighbourhood House, attending community meetings, dropping in on the latest exhibition at Mole Gallery or Roedde House Museum, or just chatting up a neighbourhood community member or business owner. That’s all it takes. And writing it all up in a brief, informative, and uplifting fashion.

Building community by sharing stories and photos. Bringing us together by getting us talking about our shared love of the West End / Coal Harbour and our concerns for its future.

There will be a modest honorarium paid for each story or set of photos. Not much, but enough to show the publisher’s appreciation and make it worth a couple of hours of your time.

If you’re interested, contact Kevin at editor@thewestendjournal. Let’s get started!