1915 and 1925 Pendrell in 1968 (Vancouver City Archives)

1915 & 1925 Pendrell

These two houses, formerly at 1915 and 1925 Pendrell, were replaced in 1981 by the current condo development Gilmore Court, which features a decorative eastern front, and a much plainer western facade.

Gilford Court today, at 1125 Gilford.

When the first photo was taken in 1968, an earlier rental building with the same name took up the lot to the north. The houses, and the apartment building, were demolished to make way for the much larger 44 unit condo.

Back in 1910 there were three houses on the lot; (the two in the picture and one that was built on the lane). The first to be built was 1923 Pendrell, the house on the left, (numbered as 1925 when this photo was taken). We know this because it was the only house shown on the 1903 version of the insurance map.

Development in the West End wasn't moving at today’s break-neck speed - there was only one other house on that entire city block that year.

A permit was granted in 1903 for a second home, but the first was issued to an O Mitchell - who owned, designed and built it at a cost $1,400. The second house, which was owned and built by Robert Kerr, only cost $200. Based on that information it is believed that Kerr's home was the second, laneway house, while the Mitchell house was the first.

Although there was no “Mitchell” with the initial 'O' in the city in 1903, the street directory shows a carpenter named Robert Kerr lived at 619 Hamilton Street, as well as another carpenter, Andrew Mitchell. That information leads to speculation that he was a friend of Mr. Kerr, and built the house on the left of the picture, in spring 1903. Robert Kerr built the second house on the back of the lot, later that year. In 1907 a second house appeared on the street, 1915 Pendrell, and as it was built in a period for which permit records have been lost it isn’t known who built it, although Mr. Mitchell was still in the city, and still building houses, and so was Robert Kerr, although the latter had moved to Point Grey.

Andrew Mitchell was aged 35 in 1903 and along with his wife Mary was from Ontario. They had two children, and Andrew was listed as a builder in the city in the 1911 census. Robert Kerr also came from Ontario, so he may have known Andrew Mitchell before they came to Vancouver.

Image Courtesy of City of Vancouver Archives CVA 1348-15