Peter Berg ... Art On The Beach

Peter Berg, benching it at English Bay 

Photos by James Oakes
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You've seen him down near the beach below the Sylvia Hotel many times and probably stopped to admire his work. Next time you do, say hello. Peter Berg has some great stories to share.

The Sylvia Hotel.

A native of Vancouver, Peter is a life-long artist who taught himself the use of pencil, charcoal, and pen & ink. Having first picked up a drawing tool in early childhood, he's been at it ever since, working mostly outdoors -- which is why he has a fondness for the tropics and sunny days at English Bay. Some of his scenic portrayals have been inspired by long-distance cycling trips through Europe and the Canadian Rockies.

Peter has lived in places like the Netherlands, central London, Key West, and a few places in  Brazil, but returns time and time again to Vancouver's West End.

Tropical reflections.

His artistic influences include the French impressionists of the late nineteenth century, and many other artists he has worked with in recent years. Peter's images are not necessarily so much about the subject matter, but rather the relationship between light and dark tones, the spontaneity of movement caught in the moment, and some delving into the world of reflections.

Peter's entire body of work now spans well over fifty years, and collectors have come fom all walks of life, from the scholarly to the famous to the infamous, and those who just want a great souvenir of the area in which they happened to meet Peter.

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