Story & Photos by Milan Streit
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“The Power of Makeup” was a popular entry in this year’s Middle Years Program Fair.


By all accounts, the annual Middle Years Program Fair (MYP) in the gym at King George High in February was a massive success. Many people credited coverage in the February edition of The West End Journal for helping boost attendance. Grade Ten students put countless hours into their term projects.

An ingeniously designed working soda fountain.

This year, Masha and Jessica created a presentation on “The Power Of Makeup.” They believe that makeup can transform anybody, saying “every gender is welcome to express themselves however they want.” Both Masha and Jessica are very passionate about makeup and offered tutorials in their homemade mini movie theatre. They showcased themselves putting on makeup and explaining various application techniques.

Diana and Holly decided to make their own soda fountain, like the ones at fast food restaurants. They first discussed this as a joke, but soon grew to love the idea and researched it. Their machine serves both Coke and Sprite and is powered by two motors in the back.

Armin really blew everyone away with his invention. He has created his own company, Afton, which makes futuristic appliances. This includes a blender, vacuum, coffee maker, and a microwave.

A selection of household appliances represent hours of work.

Did I mention that all these items work?

Yes, they have working circuits and even have little homemade ingredients bottles. For Armin, this is his hobby and you can tell he is really experienced in the industry. I can't even imagine how many hours went into this project, and it shows why King George’s MYP Project fuels imagination.

The King George Secondary School crest.


Also in February, the King George Archives had its first open house since the 100th anniversary back in 2014. It was a massive success thanks to some previous media attention. The King George Archives is 100 years of history collected with many artifacts, yearbooks, class lists, and more. The story of the KG archives began back when the old school on Burrard St. and Nelson St. (now the Wall Centre) was being torn down. At night, two former students saved many historic items and class lists.

Now all this plus more is on display thanks to the head curator of the KG Archives, Jess Coomes. He has put together a team of students (including myself) to form the archives club. The club along with KG alumni help look after the archives with our signature white gloves. We are still planning events and organizing the place so if you would like to check out our Instagram account, you can follow “KGArchives.”


That’s it for this month's column. For more about King George Secondary, you can go to the VSB’s official website here. And stay tuned for more from The Dragon’s Pen next month!