Hockey season draws to a close as spring springs, but they’ll be back! (Milan Streit Photo)

by Milan Streit
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Every Monday and Thursday at the West End Arena, around 15 - 20 children wake up at 6 a.m. to play Canada’s most popular sport.

The West End Children's Hockey Society (WECHS) allows children from all sorts of backgrounds to discover the beautiful game and work on skills and skating. WECHS is a volunteer-driven and non-profit organization, created in 2004. We’re always looking for new recruits!

Friday Night Hockey is when the teens from King George High come out to play, except a lot later, this time at 10:30 p.m. Does that sound fun? You can sign up for next season and donate to support the program here.

Water bottle sales raise funds for this year’s Graduation events.


This year, Grade 12’s are raising money for grad through water bottle sales. So far, they have sold over 40. Proceeds go towards the ceremonies and venues for graduation. The student have shown to be great business minds and who knows, some may end up as future entrepreneurs!


King George students have been on Spring Break since March 16. Many students go to camps, take vacations, or do some skiing, like me. It is also a good catch-up time for students and a chance to recharge from the stresses of essays and exams.

But Spring Break is only two weeks and on April 1, students make their way back to school. Teachers should be aware that the first day back is the day of pranks … April Fool’s Day!


During Spring Break, many West End children will find themselves at the Lord Roberts School basketball court, practicing shots or playing a little one-on-one. But unfortunately, there's a problem. There is usually no net on the basketball rims. But when students walked out to play ball on the first day of Spring Break, they saw brand new netting on all the hoops.

It was truly a spring break miracle for all the people in the community who use the court. Apparently, a West End parent donates their time and money to make the game of hoops of even more fun for everyone.

See more of the King George archives material on display at the West End Community Centre.


This month's KG Archives photo was taken in the early 1960's in the brand-new King George Secondary. You can check out a mini-exhibit showing some of our coolest stuff. It’s in a temporary display case under the stairs in the West End Community Centre.


That’s all for this month's issue of the Dragons Pen. Next month we may look into some potential grad pranks and discover an amazing art piece by the King George Earth Club. Want to learn more about KG? Go to the official VSB website at