Kim Hunter’s mural West End “Salish Sea Welcome” mural in Ellihu Lane, just west of Denman.

A West Coast Spirit

The artist at work.

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West Ender and contemporary artist Kim Hunter, a.k.a. INDIGO, has devoted most of the past two decades to channelling the beauty of Canada’s west coast. West Enders will be especially familiar with her “Salish Sea Welcome” mural, noted in last month’s Hidden Treasures feature in The West End Journal.

Detail from “Spring Is In The Air”.

Born in BC, Kim’s childhood ability to clutch a crayon was the beginning of a lifelong and insatiable appetite for the arts. She has been winning awards and acclaim since her first juried art show at the age of seven.

At the age of nine Kim’s family was transferred to the tiny isolated northern community of Churchill, Manitoba, where the awesome Arctic wilderness inspired her. The long nine-month winters allowed for this inspiration to flourish.

By age 14, being entirely self-taught, Kim was selling her art, signing her work "Kim McTavish" to acknowledge her mother. At 18 she started travelling, selling her work and freelancing throughout Canada. In 1990, at the age of 20, she returned to her birthplace.

“Secret Garden”.

In Vancouver Kim has forged a worldwide reputation as well as a local following. The passion and diligence of this remarkable talent speaks for itself. The collection of patrons and projects attributed to Kim’s art collection is immense and diverse, covering a great variety of disciplines, styles and mediums.

Kim’s artistic style is refined, and unique in it's clean lines and forms. A warmth and richness shine through all aspects of her work. The balance and boldness of this contemporary Canadian artist's work is a perfect unique blend of traditions, culture and our modern times. 

Kim started signing "INDIGO" in 1995. 

In recent years Kim's focus has been on paintings, murals, portraits, commercial art, instruction and conservation through art efforts. This talented West End artist is accomplished in oils, watercolor, tempura, and acrylic paintings, clay & bronze, polymer sculpture, papier mache', and Plaster of Paris, as well as web and commercial design, branding, crafts, and animation. She is also a respected art instructor.

Kim discovered her Métis heritage in 2005 and her family’s direct descent from the historical Métis figure Cuthbert Grant. The rich political history she discovered bore an uncanny resemblance to her own passion, generosity, diligence and devotion to art, conservation and community.

Visit Kim’s website here to see more of her work and visit her online store for souvenir items, posters, postcards and other works.