Students walking to King George High know there are some tricky and infuriating pedestrian crosswalks in the West End. But there is one which many of us feel is especially dangerous. Barclay and Bidwell at first glance seems safe for pedestrians. It has two marked crosswalks, plus the city has posted several 30 km during school days signs. However, there are a couple major problems. 

First, because there is no stop sign at Bidwell, drivers tend to go very quickly between Denman and Cardero, often ignoring citizens crossing the street even during school hours. I once recorded a driver going approximately 65km at lunch break (11:40 a.m. - 12:28 p.m).  

Another major issue is Lions Gate Bridge cheaters. Everyone in the West End knows the pain of rush hour traffic trying to get onto the iconic three-lane landmark. Very often motorists get frustrated with all the traffic and often turn to the side streets. Even with all the mini-parks around the West End, people are desperate to avoid Denman, Davie and Georgia Street traffic.  

Now what do my two points have in common?  Speeding.

What can the city do to stop this? Well, I have a couple suggestions. One is more enforcement using speed cameras. Recently the provincial government launched a new program of speed/red light cameras on major routes such as Oak Street. I think these would also work in school zones. It will remind drivers to slow down and if they don’t, they will get a penalty.

An alternative is a part time traffic cop patrolling during peak periods of crossing before and after school. We’d also like to see flashing crosswalk lights at Barclay and Bidwell much like the ones on Thurlow and Comox near St Paul’s Hospital. So far, the city has not responded to that request on the VanConnect mobile App.  


The King George Triathlon is back for a second year. In last month's issue of The West End Journal, I had few details. However, now that we are closer to the date, I can give you a little more information. The triathlon at Second Beach will be happening on Tuesday, June 18  from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. unless otherwise scheduled. Events include swimming at Second Beach Pool, cycling the Stanley Park Seawall and a run to the finish line at the Ceperley Meadows picnic area.

Come down and cheer on the participants! 


June marks the final month of school. It can be a stressful time for students dealing with final exams, projects and other deadlines. Students will also be receiving their report cards online. But for grade 12s, this is a special time. For most, it’s the last time they’ll be in the provincial education system. It's been 13 years since they started Kindergarten and now they are moving on to “real life.“ 

With post-secondary education and full-time jobs around the corner, they are starting to prepare for a major change in their lives. The King George Graduation Ceremony is happening at the Vancouver Playhouse on Wednesday June 19 at 4 p.m. You can buy tickets at the Car Free Day KG Archives Open House. 


The King George Dragon’s Pen, and the KG Archives are inviting you to the best festival in town.

On Saturday, June 15 Car Free Day is closing Denman Street to all vehicle traffic. But for the first time since King George’s 100th anniversary, we are opening the school gym and archives for the festival.

Come see our famous Wall cigarettes and school-related historic items that date back to the early 1900’s. It will keep your whole family busy. All of this is thanks to the new KG Archives Club, and curator Jesse Coomes.

We are expecting quite big lines, so come early! 

A King George music class circa 1970, with French teacher Mr. Carr. (Chris Bovay Photo)


This week’s photo takes us back to the school's music class in 1970-71. Analyzing the image, you can tell that these are Grade 8 students. On the right hand side,  you can see King George’s former principal playing along with the students. The photo was taken in the school's current drama room by Chris Bovay, and can be found on the Vancouver School Board Archives and Heritage website.