After a more than two-month vacation, students of King George Secondary return to class on Tuesday, September 3. But that also means many new people are coming to the school, mostly from other elementary schools around Vancouver. So, here’s the ultimate guide for incoming Grade 8’s.   

1) Knowing your locker: Lockers seem simple but can be quite confusing at first. New students ask many questions about them. A lock is included with your school fees. I suggest putting your heavy textbooks and PE strip in your locker so you don’t have to carry them around. Lockers can also be useful for storing your favourite mode of transportation like a skateboard, or a foldable scooter. Lockers are also fun to decorate. Mirrors, signs and even magnets can really brighten up your school days in the morning. The average locker size is around 30 centimetres wide and 180 centimetres tall.  

2) Class Times: Everyone gets a schedule in the first week of school. However, it's just a piece of paper which will get torn to shreds. I recommend taking a photo using your smartphone or simply taping the schedule to the inside of your locker. At King George Secondary, there are a couple of interesting schedule notes. Most Fridays, class starts at 10 a.m. with optional tutorials from 8:35 to 9:55 a.m..

Your schedule will also get switched up three times a year. This means your morning class may suddenly now be in the afternoon. Also, we have double blocks three times a year. This means you will only have 2 blocks in one day instead of 4. Bottom line is your class times are always changing.  

3) Location: King George can found on the corner of Barclay and Denman, next to the West End Community Centre. It’s about a five minute walk from Lord Roberts. From Elsie Roy, it’s around a 35 minute walk or a 21 minute bus ride on the #23 (formerly known as the C23). If you're coming from Lord Strathcona, it’s around a 29 minute bus ride on the #19.  

4) Grade 8 Electives: All Grade 8’s go through an elective orientation throughout the year, introducing the many class choices KG has to offer. Students work on a specific project for around three months before switching to the next elective. This can include making a gum ball machine, sewing an apron, performing in a play, and many more. Students can also drop classes and add a Skills Block, where you can work on homework. This course requires a parent’s signature to enter. 

5) Clubs, Sports Teams, and Community: King George has many clubs and sports teams. If you’re a basketball player, King George has one of the best teams in B.C. You can try out in Grade 8 to make the Grade 8 team. King George also offers volleyball, golf, and more. 

There are many clubs at King George. They include the Library Club,  Archives Club, and the Earth Club. The latter club has members creating school murals, mugs to stop single use cups, and other possible solutions and ideas to help the environment.  

Looking for volunteering hours? The Grotto is home to our Community Schools Team. It’s responsible for many of the great programs in local elementary schools. Next door to King George is the West End Community Centre. If you go to the Youth Office (near the main floor bathrooms), you can sign up for teen programs, out trips, and volunteering opportunities.  



Many KG students from the Yaletown area take the #23 community shuttle every day. The route is very popular, but unfortunately experiences major overcrowding. The buses can only carry 20 people compared to the more than 70 on a regular trolley bus.

We’re hoping TransLink can ramp-up service in September.  


Students have been lobbying staff to allow for “Wii Wednesdays,” some downtime where we can play the 2008 video game system. It remains very popular on the internet and offers some of the greatest games ever made. Fingers-crossed, Wii Wednesdays will happen from 11:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. 

1914 at the original King George High School on Burrard Street.


Here’s a wonderful photo from 1914 taken at the location of the old school on Burrard and Nelson. The site is now home to the Wall Centre, in the news recently for the “car down the stairs” incident.