Cheryl Alexander / Nature Photographer

 Cheryl Alexander.

Cheryl Alexander’s recent exhibition at the West End Community Centre caught The West End Journal’s eye and, reminding us that our neighbourhood is home to a reported 4,000 artists, prompted the launch of this new monthly feature, Artists Among Us. 

Cheryl is a longtime West Ender and avid Stanley Park nature photographer who shoots engaging close-ups of birds, flowers, wildlife, and abstracts. She was an award-winning communication designer and creative director, as well as an educator, mentor, and world traveller, 

She is intrigued by the exquisite patterns of light, shape, and colour in nature and certainly captures the spirit of the birds and plants and everything she photographs. Many admirers of her work find that there is often a subtle visual message or meaning in her images. 

“Slow, peaceful walking mediations connect me with what's all around,” Cheryl says in describing her creative process. “I am Intrigued by the ever-changing patterns of light, texture, shape, lines, colour, tone, movement, and myriad of behaviour in nature, and I strive to share beauty that tells a story of our natural world around us.

“These images are all about connection.”

All of the images show here are available as prints or cards. Visit Cheryl’s website or reach her at

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raindrops on fall berries.

Tree Frogs in stanley park.

Great Blue heron at stanley park.

Haro Street magnolia tree flower.

tall grasses after rain in a west end garden.

Adult male cardinal meadowhawk drgonfly at lost lagoon.

Mother racoon and cubs at lost lagoon.

Red Poppy at mole hill community garden.

Black-capped chickadee in stanley park.